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Cheers – “where everybody knows your name”.

When a drinking problem ruined his professional baseball career with the Boston Red Sox, former sports star Sam Malone decided to take over a little bar in Boston named ‘Cheers’. Malone’s stern nature and charming, womanising personality made him the perfect manager. Soon after the takeover, the bar changed and first time visitors became regulars and this quaint little bar became a safe refuge for the patrons and bar staff to discuss life and all its ups and downs. Behind the bar is the toughed skin Carla Tortelli, the dim witted Woody Boyd and varying waitress’ who help Sam run the bar like Rebecca Howe and Diane Chambers. With a hilarious combination of guest appearances and quirky blow ins combined with a distinct group of regulars like Norm Peterson, Cliff Clavin and Frasier Crane (from the show Frasier), always popping in to discuss their days, the dingy little bar becomes a home away from home. Though people come and go throughout the series, the atmosphere is always the same, the drinks are flowing and so is the conversation.